The following is the list of days that ILDS will not provide service during the upcoming holidays this year.

  • Thursday, November 22 - Thanksgiving
  • Friday, November 23 - Day after Thanksgiving
  • Monday, December 24 –...
November 16, 2018
By: mjhuls

During the analysis of the ILDS fiscal year-end statistics, we noticed that there are some ILDS participants who are not completing the step of approving the manifest in the ILDS Label/Manifest system. While it is not necessary for you to print...

July 23, 2018
By: mjhuls

RAILS is having an all staff in-service day on July 27, 2018.  IHLS will be having theirs on July 30.  Delivery will not be provided on these days in the affected regions.  You can refer to the RAILS and IHLS newsletters and messages for more...

July 16, 2018
By: mjhuls

The 4th of July is an ILDS designated holiday.  No delivery service will be performed on July 4, 2018. If you have any questions or concerns regarding delivery, please send an email to...

June 29, 2018
By: mjhuls

It is time once again to collect the dates that your location will be closed for the summer. Please complete the survey no later than April...

March 27, 2018
By: mjhuls

Due to inclement weather RAILS has decided to close all of their Chicago area service facilities on Friday, February 9. This means that no delivery will be provided in the Chicago area tomorrow. 

Delivery service out of the RAILS – Peoria...

February 8, 2018
By: mjhuls

CARLI wants to hear from you regarding the performance of ILDS, so we have created a brief survey. Your feedback is key to the success of the ILDS program.  To provide your input, please take a few moments to...

January 25, 2018
By: mjhuls

When preparing materials for shipment; please remember to check the list of ILDS participants.  Also, when you train new staff, please emphasize the...

January 18, 2018
By: mjhuls

Due to the inclement weather, IHLS offices will open as follows on Friday: 

  • Carbondale closed with no delivery routes
  • Champaign office open with routes starting two hours later
  • Edwardsville open and routes running...
January 12, 2018
By: mjhuls

Monday, January 15 is a designated ILDS holiday.  There will be No ILDS service on Monday.

January 11, 2018
By: mjhuls