In order to reduce confusion around the differences between the policies and recommendations of IHLS and RAILS for quarantining items, we are recommending one quarantine policy for all ILDS libraries, specifically that all ILDS libraries quarantine outgoing items for 7 days prior to shipping the items through ILDS. The 7-day period for quarantining items would begin when a patron last touched the item. Items that are in stacks open to patrons should be quarantined for 7 days prior to being shipped through ILDS. The items for shipment should remain untouched for 7 days.

Currently IHLS and RAILS are not quarantining ILDS items at their hubs before or after being sorted. Delivery hubs do not have the space to quarantine items for seven days before delivering them to their intended destination.

On Monday, September 7 the CARLI office and ILDS service will be closed for the Labor Day holiday. Service will resume on Tuesday, September 8.

CARLI staff have posted a current list of libraries which have resumed delivery service. We will be updating it as more libraries resume service.

Normal delivery for ILDS will be resuming on July 6 for all libraries who are ready.  We are asking libraries who want to begin receiving delivery on July 6 or later who haven’t already contacted CARLI, RAILS or IHLS to please contact the help desk at the vendor who handles your delivery, either RAILS or IHLS.  The email for the help desk at RAILS is .

Both the contracted vendors who handle ILDS, RAILS and IHLS, have the begun the process of preparing to resume delivery. They would like ILDS libraries to contact them at their help desks so they can work with libraries directly to facilitate this process. The email for the help desk at RAILS is . and IHLS is .

We have received some questions about the purple delivery bags. The ILDS process for using bags, and creating labels, remains the same. We do recommend once delivery resumes that you wipe bags down or use PPE when handling them as we have no way to guarantee that they are clean as they move through the system.

Also printing manifests for the drivers is no longer necessary, but libraries are welcome to print them for their own records.

If you have any questions please contact .

IHLS, one of the contracted vendors for ILDS, has released a draft plan for resuming delivery service. The information provided is also intended for ILDS libraries. Libraries may make an appointment with their hub manager to retrieve items that have been held. Social distancing as well as masks are required.  

4/1/2020 UPDATE: ILDS service is suspended until further notice due to the evolving situation with COVID-19 Coronavirus. 

UPDATE: ILDS service will be suspended until at least April 7. This may be adjusted in the future as the situation with COVID-19 Coronavirus continues to evolve. CARLI is aware that some schools currently plan to be closed beyond that date. We will be working closely with RAILS and IHLS to coordinate a smooth restart of the delivery service.

We have been receiving questions about the effect that the COVID-19 novel coronavirus will have on ILDS. The vendors who handle delivery for ILDS, RAILS and IHLS currently have no plans for any work stoppage and delivery will continue as usual. Both RAILS and IHLS will be taking additional precautions for delivery staff such as using gloves and sanitizer.