Email Lists


General ILDS announcements. Open subscription with moderated posting.
The ILDS (Illinois Library Delivery Service) list is CARLI’s primary means for sending ILDS service announcements and other critical information to ILDS sites. CARLI requires that each participating ILDS library has at least one person on this list at all times to serve as the primary contact for all operational information. The ILDS site contacts provided by each library are subscribed automatically to the ILDS list to ensure that they (and thereby their libraries) receive all CARLI announcements.

Subscribers to this email list will receive announcements and critical updates from CARLI but may not post to the list. All interested library staff is welcome to subscribe to the ILDS list.


For people interested in sharing information about ILDS.
The ILDS-ig (Illinois Library Delivery Service Interest Group) email discussion list offers an open forum for ILDS users to discuss the delivery system and facilitates conversations among the libraries that participate in ILDS. Library staff are encouraged to share best practice tips on processing materials for delivery, to ask questions of their ILDS colleagues, and to assist in the effort to redistribute delivery bags when and where they are needed.

Participation in ILDS-ig email list is completely voluntary and all library staff is welcome to join. Anyone subscribed to the ILDS-ig list may send notes to everyone on the list.