ILDS Item Quarantine Policy

In order to reduce confusion around the differences between the policies and recommendations of IHLS and RAILS for quarantining items, we are recommending one quarantine policy for all ILDS libraries, specifically that all ILDS libraries quarantine outgoing items for 7 days prior to shipping the items through ILDS. The 7-day period for quarantining items would begin when a patron last touched the item. Items that are in stacks open to patrons should be quarantined for 7 days prior to being shipped through ILDS. The items for shipment should remain untouched for 7 days.

Answers to Your Questions About Quarantining Items

Currently IHLS and RAILS are not quarantining ILDS items at their hubs before or after being sorted. Delivery hubs do not have the space to quarantine items for seven days before delivering them to their intended destination.