Answers to Your Questions About Quarantining Items

Currently IHLS and RAILS are not quarantining ILDS items at their hubs before or after being sorted. Delivery hubs do not have the space to quarantine items for seven days before delivering them to their intended destination. Both IHLS and RAILS are requesting that libraries quarantine outgoing items for seven days prior to pick up based on the results of the ongoing REALM study. Libraries should follow their own internal guidelines for quarantining once items are delivered to their library.

Both IHLS and RAILS have information related to quarantine times on their websites:



Continue to send all stop or start delivery requests to the individual library systems using their ticketing support email addresses. If you have questions concerning this topic for us, please contact .


We know that these are challenging times and that delivery processes continue to be fluid. We appreciate all you are doing in your library to make ILDS delivery a safe and efficient process.