ILDS Tips Continued

The start of the new semester is a great time to review ILDS tips with your staff!

Tip #1 – The L2 Library Learning website is a good resource for determining the correct ILDS stop information. “ILDS Stop” information is listed towards the bottom of the page. For example, Peoria Public Library’s record lists RAILS East Peoria (XEP) as the ILDS Stop. XEP is the correct code to use to ship items to Peoria Public Library.
Tip #2 – Have you ever received a delivery bag that was damaged? Use your best judgement on damaged delivery bags. If the zipper on the bag no longer works, or the bag is so damaged (torn, etc.) that it will not hold items safely, please discard the bag. If you have an excess supply of bags, please return them to the State Library for redistribution.
Tip #3 – For those of you who are training new staff, our website contains documentation regarding ILDS participants, as well as a step by step ILDS instruction document. This is also the place to go to subscribe to the ILDS, and the ILDS-ig listservs. The ILDS listserv is used by CARLI to send out general announcements regarding ILDS, while the ILDS-ig listserv is used by ILDS participants to request delivery bags, and share information.