More ILDS Best Practices Tips

Here are a few more tips for ILDS best practices.

Tip #1 - ILDS cannot be used to send correspondence including library notices (e.g. overdue notices). See CARLI's best practice statement on mailing notices.

Tip #2 – Have you ever received a bag that appears to be properly labeled for another ILDS location? Place the bag with your next day’s outgoing ILDS shipment, and alert your driver or leave a note to let your driver know that the bag was misrouted. The bag will be sent on to the intended destination.

Tip #3 – The password to sign in to the manifest portion of the ILDS label making site is “ilds”. The password is case sensitive. Please note that you do not have to sign in to create, and print labels, but you must sign in to approve a manifest.

Please share your own good ideas and procedures with your colleagues through the