ILDS Tips for the Start of a New Semester

With the beginning of a new academic year, it is a good time to review a few of the ILDS best practices that have evolved over time. 
Tip #1 – Use zip ties to keep the delivery bags securely closed. We continue to receive reports of bags without zip ties showing up open, and a few have shown up open and empty. Please do not pull the zip tie too tight when securing it to the bag or the person opening the bag will have difficulty removing it. 
Tip #2 – Do you need to request delivery bags? The fastest way to request bags is to send an email to the  listserv. If you are not already on this list, make sure you subscribe! You must subscribe to the list before posting a message to it. Remember, when you see a request you can fill, share and share alike!
Tip #3 – When preparing materials for shipment; please remember to check the list of ILDS participants located. Also, when you train new staff, please emphasize the need for care in selecting the proper destination. Many direct stops have similar names, including all those that begin with “Illinois.” Appropriate reference to the participant list will also reduce the number of items that are sent to library system locations, rather than being sent directly to an ILDS participant. Taking a little time to verify locations and properly label bags will ensure quicker and more accurate delivery for everyone.

Please share your own good ideas and procedures with your colleagues through the .